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Alden Ultimate Indy Black for Leather Soul HI, size 9.5. Very lightly worn. I bought these as a gift, and let's just say that it is not working out. Not my size or I would keep them. I think they are perfect. Looking for size 10 0r 10.5 but whats the likelihood? Got something to trade, make me an offer
Anybody interested in a size 9.5 Ultimate Indy black? I'd love to trade them for a size 10 or 10.5 but whats the likelihood?
ROY RS04 size 33. Photos are inaccurate, fading and creasing not as prevalent. Measurements: waist 17" f/rise 11" b/rise 16" thigh 12" knee 9" hem 8 3/4" $270 shipped within US, open to offers/trades SOLD Looking for a Rising Sun Ranch Hand size L, White's boots size 10.5 ... Pics are not exactly accurate.Jeans are darker, less fading.
These are new in box Danner Mountain Light 30431X, tan rough out size 10.5E
Great boots, great price. It is a little ridiculous that you did not take into consideration that I need a size 10.5 when snatching all of these up
The boots are made in the US, so if you have a pair made it will be 20 weeks, but you could buy a stock boot. I don't see how buying from a UK dealer instead of a US dealer will help you out with the 20 weeks
I should have posted these here before ebay, but it just slipped my mind. Happy to end the auction early if someone here wants them. Check out my other auctions if you go looking. ebay link These are brand new pairs of LVC Levi's Vintage Clothing 1944 & 1966 501s tagged size 32/36. Both soaked once and tried on once. 1944 $170 sold 1966 $160 Save me some ebay fees These are before and after measurements: 1944 presoak waist 17 f/rise 13 b/rise 16 1/2 thigh 12 knee...
I am going to step out of this. Sorry, have to pay out of pocket for an endoscopy. I am sure someone else will quickly fill the spot
Geesh, the Yukuten Paul boot is not an easy one to track down. Anybody?
I would definitely sign on for this, but absolutely not with commando soles. Knowing that my 2cents is likely not worth even that, I think that this is a great opportunity to get as close to a boondocker as possible and overcome all of the short comings from the various versions offered by all the WWII Militaria dealers. A commando sole would be a deal breaker unless it was a mini lug recessed and hidden from side view. I actually think something hard and unforgiving for...
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