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Quote: Originally Posted by PattyC Here's some fit pics of the jacket, I'm wearing a size small. Sorry for the bad lighting I don't think it is too short, atleast not any sorter than any others. I think the jacket works/fits the way most do. If someone is slender like myself 6'2" 175lbs (which I think you are) you pretty much have to size down in order to make sure you are not swimming in the thing. I am also broad shoulder so it makes...
Quote: Originally Posted by kuwisdelu And black boots?? What? I am going to guess at the problem, maybe i shoulda specified that they are not black work boots or the like. the fact that they are black is not the problem is it? I was hoping to wear some sort of grey.
sorry to highjack your post with a question but... My problem is that it will surely be exceedingly hot on the day of the weddings I have to attend, and I doubt/know that I will be not wearing a jacket. Just slacks shirt maybe tie hopefully vest. I need to stay as limber as possible as I will be the photog for both weddings. Is there any good combo for slacks/shirt/tie?/vest? oh and i will be wearing black boots. thanks, and again sorry for highjacking
what size are you? have 2 vintage 40s, 50s era that I have been meaning to sell. both in great condition
I was going to post the same question today, hopefully somone will chime in. I have a few semi/casual weddings to attend/photograph in the beggining of August and can't decide what to do.
pm sent. is this still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by ct63 yeah i meant the entire circumference. I was looking for more of a dickies style pant to wear in a woodshop I have been looking for the same thing. Was thinking of trying the Dickies 873. Know anything about them? Had any luck in your search?
A few months ago I bought a pair of vintage Frye Jodhpurs. Have yet to wear them. I just have nothing to wear with them. I think that I am too "country" for them. Anyways, they are real nice, got a lot of compliments on them when I posted to another pictures of them. They are size 11. I paid $104.00 for them, and would like to get close to that out of them. So $100 will be good, but I am open to offers I guess. Also, if anyone has a pair of R.M. Williams, or RW...
I know that they are not thought of very highly on this forum, nor on others, but I really like the slim prfile of the boot. All pictures that I have seen have certainly left more to be desired in the leather. It seems to get very fine creases from what I have seen in pictures. I would love a pair R.M Williams, forum special but cannot afford somwthing like that. I know that they are a completely different boot, I was just stating it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessetk313 are they a baggy fit or more modern slimmer fit? they are slimmer fit Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Illumin - I have to say that this is not, perhaps, the best inducement for potential buyers. I just meant that they were too small. I am 6'4" and should not have bought a medium thinking that it would fit. I didn't even think about how it my get taken without an...
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