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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger p2p? is the length on the first one really 37? yes, it is. i had thought about having it hemmed when i first purchased but, it is in such great condition for the age i didn't want to mess with anything, and i liked the refined look that the length gave it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ohhai You should probably just buy jeans you do like since you seem to hate these, you special flower. well... sarcasm was the theme in he wording. I have actually been on the fence about them. I had to order them sight unseen because I live in no chance WV. I have been relearning to wear not so skinny jeans over the summer (by not wearing jeans at all) and these were the trial pair. They are nice, my first pair...
U.S. Navy pea coat. Size 38 (possibly 38L). Dated 1957, coat is nearly perfect short of a broken hang tag (don't think it could support the weight of the coat). Corduroy pockets look brand new. I don't notice any fading on the coat. Any variations in the color are just from the camera. 19" across shoulders 28" shoulder seam to end 37" top to bottom 70$ U.S. Navy pea coat. Size 40, WWII era. No flaws. Corduroy pockets look brand new. No noticeable fading,...
I recently got a pair of the not so highly sought after new selvage 1969 authentics. Thers is a hideous (to me) straight stitched line on the back pockets that I was going to remove as I have done in the past with others that I did not like. When going to do so, I checked the inside of the pocket first and noticed that the bottoms were lined. Anyone know the reason for this detail? Maybe it is something exclusive to good denim that Gap is mimicking.
Quote: Originally Posted by StarterStyle How much is the top one? Sorry, I added the price and forgot to respond to you.
Tagged as Levis "Dry Goods" denim jacket, size Medium. I don't know if this jacket has ever been washed, still bleeds a little on fingers when handling. 22.5" armpit to armpit 18" across shoulders 27' top to bottom 26.5" shoulder seam to end 25$ Levis denim jacket size 40. Worn a few times, not washed since I have had it. 21" pit to pit 18" across shoulders 25.5" length 25" shoulder seam to end 25$
it has happened to me more often over the past few yeas. I didn't develop asthma but a few years back as well, but being around people smoking does tend to make me hate life. This problem is easily remedied by simply leaving the area, but i always try and tough it out for as long as I can only to completely regret the decision. I have actually began to not try and tough out the occasions for the past few months, and have been very pleased. "boot to the cools!"
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie first day on set? a few more details holmes It is the set of a movie that I will be in that a friend wrote, & is directing. This is kind of principle photography. I was also asked to write the soundtrack for it, and in this particular scene I play a little bit of a song. You can see one of my guitars peeking from the left. It is too bad that details, e.g. materials/textures/wood grain, won't show up on...
first waywt first day on set first day in regular/standard/not skinny fit jean in years
first waywt first day on set first day in regular/standard/not skinny fit jean in years
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