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Brand new unworn Frye Brando Engineer, tobacco, 10.5" or 11". I could get a size 11" if someone would rather. I am really liking the leather on these, but they gotta go to add to a bigger purchase. i will get pictures up later if someone wants to see them. I doubt know i won't be getting full price out of them, so open to offers. ( Asking $175.00 )"always scroll down for current price, just in case i cant edit the original post for some reason" I can't seem to get an...
i put the two pair of new selvage authentics in the "buy and sell" if anyone is interested.
2 pair of the new Authentic fit Gap selvage denim. I still have time left on the 45 day return policy, but people have mentioned not being able to find them so i thought i would offer before returning. I sized down from my normal 32" waist and they are just too tight for me. 30x32" 30x34" $80 for either
If anyone is still having trouble finding these, I have two brand new pair that I was going to send back (thanks to Gaps 45 day return). Would sell here if someone wants them. 30x34" 30x32"
its gettin cool here in these parts
its getting cool here in these parts
gonna be putting on ebay soon
gonna be posting on ebay soon. bump
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger p2p? is the length on the first one really 37? yes, it is. i had thought about having it hemmed when i first purchased but, it is in such great condition for the age i didn't want to mess with anything, and i liked the refined look that the length gave it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ohhai You should probably just buy jeans you do like since you seem to hate these, you special flower. well... sarcasm was the theme in he wording. I have actually been on the fence about them. I had to order them sight unseen because I live in no chance WV. I have been relearning to wear not so skinny jeans over the summer (by not wearing jeans at all) and these were the trial pair. They are nice, my first pair...
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