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Shot in the dark, but what's the chance someone here would have a size M or even L to swap for this size S?
Dehen 1920 Made in USA 100% wool University cardigan size L
Dehen cardigan size M (tag fell off). Lightly worn, no picks developing that I can see. 21.5" pit to pit 18" shoulders 24" sleeves (cuffed) 27" length $150
Warehouse Co. lot. 700 size 32/34. Have been warm washed once, worn lightly. 16" waist 11" f/rise 15.5" b/rise 12" thigh 9" hem 34" inseam $120
Warehouse lot. 1000XX size 31/34. Started raw, had one warm soak, good bit of shrink, fair bit of wear, noticeable lap fades. $115 16" waist 11.5" f/rise 16" b/rise 12" thigh 8.5" hem 33.5" inseam
ROY RS04 size 32. Cold soaked, worn maybe 10 times, light wear visible where cuffed. $250 (on hold) 16" waist 11" f/rise 15.5" b/rise 12" thigh 8.3" hem 36" inseam ]
Rising Sun duck Ranch Hand size L. Well worn, well loved, many fishing trips. Hopefully pics do it justice. I feel like this thing might last forever. 23" chest 18" shoulders 25" sleeve 26" length ]
Schott Japan 716 (made in USA) 40's Wool buckle back jacket, ,size 38. This is probably my favorite jacket, but it is just too small now that I'm putting a bit of weight back on. I will buy another if this sells. Jacket has been worn a good bit, some pilling to wool and a couple picks to satin lining. I can take better pics if needed 23" pit to pit 18" shoulders 24.5" sleeve 25.5" length
bump it. No offers?
These are from a couple seasons back I believe, I'll never fit them. Time to let them go. I'd love to trade for a pair in a smaller size but I don't figure that is likely, so I'll leave this here for a couple days to see if anyone turns up. 17 1/8" 13" 17" 13" 34 1/2"
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