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sorry dude, those went fast
Red Could 5500 Work Pant wabash stripe size 32 fit 34/34 $150 waist 17" inseam 34" front rise 12" back rise 17" hem width 9 1/4"
sorry for crappy cell phone pics New with tags Dehen Motorcycle sweater in black. Size M $200 + shipping 22" chest 17.5" shoulder 25.5 cuffed sleeve 26.5" length
Anybody like Red Wing Pecos boots? Yours for $55 a pair
RRL x Julian engineer boots size 11. Trade for size 12 or $425 + Shipping
All vintage except the pair top left (and 2nd to last photo). All size 11D except for the black pair top row, 2nd from the left (11.5D) and brown NOS pair bottom row, far left (11.5E). More photos upon request. Each pair is $55+shipping or 2 pair for $100+shipping. The very last picture is a New old stock pair that has faint storage marks but unworn soles. $120+shipping. Black SOLD Brown SOLD Suede SOLD the one pair below are vintage Chippewa Suede SOLD
Anyone else having problems with theshoemart 2nds lately? The past three emails, the links have directed me to nothing but the login page, and when searched for the ALDEN FD still nothing. This last email came with a little video to show how to use the email, but still nothing.
I'm looking for a pair of all black Alden Indy in calf like in the picture or black calf plain toe. Not interested in pairs with white toe stitching. thanks for looking
Hey guys, I just wanted to put in a request if anyone has a pair of the all black calf 405s or Ultimate Indys or Plain toe they'd like to sell. I'd love a chance at a pair in size 11. Cheers
ROY RS04 32 - $250 (buyers outside US contact me for shipping) One cold soak and line dry. Still dark and crisp. faint fade at 33" where worn cuffed a few times, still covered with a 3" cuff. waist 16" f/rise 11" b/rise 15 1/2" thigh 12" hem 8 1/2" inseam 36"
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