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Morning folks! These are Yanuk raw denims in Size 32. I've had them for around 2 years.
The thread is called: "Post pics of your denim" Not "Post pics of the progress of your raw denim". If the admin will change the title to something like that, then I will post some pics of my raw denim (yup, I have that too and it's just like what other people have been posting here). I do various styles -- sometimes very rock'erish--I guess you can say Bret Michaels whereas other days are on the Gothic side and believe it or not, some days I dress pretty much...
Quote: Originally Posted by lost in va Brett Michaels approves of your clothing choices and hopes that you have a cowboy hat and bandanna on. Sounds great.
These are Seven for All Mankind & Great China Wall Jeans in size 32. There are stone embellishments around the pockets and camouflage stitching on the left side. Enjoy!
Good morning! These are Agate Label (Japanese brand) in size 32. The belt is also by them and the buckle is by another local Osaka brand. Enjoy it or hate it--whatever floats your boat!
Quote: Originally Posted by fratstar Sure: Its too gaudy, asian, *takeapicture* (peace sign) style. Find something more simple. Judging by the rhinestone belt and rhinestone t-shirt, you have a ways to go. Thats just my opinion. My apologies but I like flashier things. It seems that many on this board are in love with Japanese denim and anything that remotely looks like it came out of a Men's Ex magazine. If one is looking for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by fratstar That looks awful. It really does. Care to elaborate? Otherwise, your post is essentially useless.
Quote: Originally Posted by gmku Not sure the jeans are my cup of tea, Oh!Saka, but I like that belt. I got it for about $60USD. I don't recall the brand name (some local Japanese brand). It's not real snake skin.
Here we go! Again, got these in 2004 so I was bigger then so they are looser on me now but am no where ready to give them up however with the lack of functional back pockets, I don't wear these pants that often (I'm one of those extra-large-wallet carrying guys). These are Richmond Denim jeans in size 33. And yes, they say Lizard King on the back in alligator skin. Hate if you want. Those are the shoes I wore today in the last pic -- Mark Nason's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black i think those D&Gs would look better with a longer inseam. Are they actually D&G or are they Dolce & Gabbana black label? I prefer the latter, D&G jeans are often either too minimal for the price or too gaudy. They are D&G's. I'm well aware of the difference betweeen the two lines. I got them for about $120USD from so they were not pricey. If the inseam is any longer, they would be...
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