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I want to buy Woodlore's Epic shoe tree with my Carmina Rain Last sz 6 Shoudl I order Xtra small or Small?
That's what i got from this thread, but I always feel the Rain Last looks sleeker than the AE5's
So Rain is wider than the AE5?
Orient is fine entry watch, but please don't get any entry level "open heart"
Are they all Rain Last?
My left is 8D AE 5 & 2-222 last and right is more like 7.5D. AE 5-fifth avenue 8D is my true fit.I have gather that people go for 7UK in Rain anyone would suggest 6.5UK in rain?How about Inca
uh...bump or navy shell
I guess I'll take double monk into consideration and see how it goes. Still going for this exact model in Navy Shell as first choice bump
You are right, that's why I feel the wholecut with brogue at the tip would work well, conservative with enough casualness.I already have a grey wingtip, so don't want another full brogue. I think Navy wholecut brogue would work with navy, brown, grey suit, darker casual pants, and jeans.On the other hand, unsure how navy monk would fair with suits after the current trend fades, might be too casual especially with the navy shell.Anyway, that's my mentality and due to the...
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