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thanks for the link the the apc thread tangerine. One last question... then I swear I'll stop. What's the best way to make sure they wear in at the right places? Should you just wear them straight off the rack? Or should you wash or soak them once to take care of the initial shrinking. I don't want to wash them after months of wear only to have the whiskers move up a few inches.
Quote: Originally Posted by cgeezy NS are amazing. Sadly i can't compare to levi denim but you surely cannot go wrong with apc. justr make sure to size right What's the "right size"? I like my jeans slim... not so tight I can't move, but slim. How much will raw denim like the apc's stretch out? How much will they shrink in the wash? (I air-dry all my jeans, so don't worry about shrinking in the dryer)
I actually just found a store nearby that has the APC New Standards in dry denim. What's the better place to start my raw denim experience? APC New Standards or Levi's Capital E
I'm looking to get my first pair of raw jeans. Sure my first choice would be a pair of Nudies; but nobody in Metro-Detroit carriers them, and I hate buying clothes online without trying them on first. And since each pair of jeans is slightly different, I really don't want to buy them online. I was at the mall today and saw the Levi's Capital E line. The store employee said they won't shrink as much as the regular "shrink-to-fit" raw Levi's, and they looked a bit...
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