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Here's mine.
Thanks for the response. I have the ties taken care of for now (own about 7-8, ranging from solids to striped, to paisley). I'm figuring out the quality over quantity thing. As I said, I have maybe 10 dress shirts from Express and three that I had made in Hong Kong... guess which three are in my regular rotation.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Yeah, I think $100 could be better spent on shoes unless you need something right this second. You could either peel up the insole and hammer it down yourself, since it sounds like a loose nail is the problem, bring them back for an exchange, or bring them back for a refund and put the money toward a better pair of shoes that will last a lot longer and look better (and probably not squeak). Any shoes/brands...
It's when I step with my weight on the heel. if I put the weight on the ball of my foot first, they don't squeak.
I've been at my job for almost 2 months, and need some help. I've never worked in a business/business casual environment before (used to work as a graphic designer), but am now in a marketing position where I'm meeting with clients throughout the week. At the same time, I'm 24 and still very involved in the design process, so I want to keep a stylish/younger edge to my wardrobe. What are the key items to having a well rounded collection that can be built upon and...
I tried the search, and couldn't find anything. I picked up a pair of loafers at Aldo after work last night, they're black leather with a leather sole under the arch, and rubber on the hell and toe. I wore them to work today and everytime I take a step my shoes squeak. I didn't notice it leaving the house this morning, but my office building is extremely quiet, and I feel like everyone can hear it. Will this disappear with wear? Is it the fact that they're a pair...
haha... alright, thank you for the help guys. The shoes are keepers.
I picked up a pair of Allen-Edmonds Park Avenue's yesterday in the Merlot color, and although I love the look of them, I'm debating keeping them. Honestly, my other dress shoes are black and I bought the AE's for this reason; I wanted something different. But what can I wear these with? Any rules to following with this color shoe?
I picked up a pair of Levi's Capital E dry denim Strummer's a few weeks ago, and I love them so far. It's my first pair of raw jeans and I get excited after each wear to see any new honeycombing and wear. I just wish I didn't work in a business environment... because of that, I'm limited to wearing them on the weekends. I had two questions about caring for dry denim though. 1. What do you guys do when it's raining? In Detroit we've had rain for the past 6-7 days...
I think the main difference between the Stacked Skinny and the Strummers is the length. I picked up a pair of Capital E Strummers in the "rigid" a week ago, and the 34 length is actually just under 35". So if the 34 length Skinnies measure around 38", there's your difference. The new Capital E Strummers have the same raw denim & yellow/orange hi-contrast stitching as the Stacked Skinny. I'll try and get some pics up soon.
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