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Hi guys, does anybody have an idea of what brand and/or model of sunglasses this guy is wearing in these pictures? Different model in each picture: Thanks in advance!
Tu me acostumbraste A todas esas cosas Y tu me enseñaste Que son maravillosas Sutil llegaste a mi Como la tentacion Llenando de ansiedad Mi corazon Yo no concebia Como se queria En tu mundo raro Y por ti aprendi Ahora me pregunto Al ver que me olvidaste Por que no me enseñaste Como se vive... sin ti
PM sent. Let me know.
^ I don't see any boots in Dayton's website that's similar to the W+H Service boots, so I'd say he's exagerating/bluffing.
Quote: Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 This is awesome. Where exactly did you purchase though (I can't seem to find the store on the website) Hustle, Im afraid you can only buy it in Argentina. However, take a look at the tab "Locales" which means "stores". The only ones outside Argentina are in Sweeden and Mexico so I dont think you'll have any luck. Sorry : (
Renault Clio II 1.6 Dark Grey. Still have the same car
I've just bought this raincoat And also a black jacket from the same place ( and a poplin stripped shirt.
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