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Quote: Originally Posted by vettloffah If a thai restaurant looks really nice and has upscale fancy drinks and menues, you will be paying too much. The street carts are by far the most authentic. For something simple, just order "som-tom" which is spicy papaya salad. I also like "cow-mon-gai" which is chicken with rice, however not all of the street carts serve this because it is boiled chicken, which is less common than roasted or fried. also,...
I think leather bags generally looks better with suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by ykurtz White or light blue dress shirt and a tie that matches your hair and/or eyes. For the majority, the tie will be brown, black, or gold.
$3000 is doable for a 1 bedroom. You can share that with a partner or convert to a 2 with no/tiny living room. Neighbourhood wise, I can only think of Chelsea and LES in addition to the ones you mentioned
Anywhere below 80th is pretty convenient, but it doesn't sound like you would be interested in UES or UWS so I'd stay below 59th. Avoid financial District at all costs.
Quote: Originally Posted by huskyzealot Paul Stuart spring sale has a bunch of shoes in the store that are not on the website sale section. The Kings model is a really nice cap-toe, from the Stuarts Choice line, and are on sale for ~$350. They have them in burnished brown, tan and black...all really nice, but they are going quick. Thanks. I picked up a pair of Suede Captoes http://www.paulstuart.com/product_in...PRODCATID=2100 They are...
Im surprised no one mentioned chicken and rice yet.
The Modern makes a pretty amazing spiced bread icecream
Manila and Fort Mcmurray
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