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Has any one ever given just cause at the altar to why a couple should not be wedded? That would be a good story too.
A quick google search suggests that terrines are made using meat that are chunkier. Any other difference?
My rolley bag fits into every over head compartment I've came across and it fit into the "sizing cage" that airlines have. Which is why it pisses me off when attendants tell me I can't bring it on to the plane. Good thing I don't fly regional very often, which is usually when they try to pull that shit on me.
Baller club? Is that an euphemism for non-ghetto?Ping pong show
Worth it. Although I find that those seats gets really cold sometimes, but you can always ask for a business/first class blanket.
Banyan Tree but I guess they are not a typical "chain". Other than that, I really don't care whether I stay at a JW or a Mandarin Oriental. I do try to avoid the W
And MM's from near by drama school.
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