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Should single cuffs be right angled (like french) or curved/cut (like barrel)
Thanks for mentioning to the suspenders thread, that provided a good chuckle. And now that I think about it, I might actually go with midnight blue, though I'm assuming it will look black in dimly lit place? As for the peak vs notched, I think I'll stay with peak since I dont forsee myself getting a peak lapel suit for work in the near future. Might as well get it casual outings when it's still a fad right ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung This just arrived, after a really, really long waiting period. Some more Antea love here. Though this one is now on a black nomos strap.
All my suits are for work and im think about getting a suit made for going out at night, e.g. dinners at nice restarants/shows and such. I'm thinking Black Skinny peak lapel (I'm 178cm and 65kg) Single button no ticket pocket slit pocket no pleats Thoughts? Can I wear this to a club or lounge without a tie? What are your thought on buckles and no belt loops? Also, should it be shorter than a regular suit? Thanks!
Most of my polos are by JL. Wonderful colors and definitely less well known compared to Lacoste (which I think is a plus). Most importantly, the fit is amazing for slim people like myself.
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