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I've never done it before but I was at Commander's in NOLA this weekend and one of the side dishes came out extremely salty. I took one bite and knew that I won't take another. I contemplated on sending it back but decided again it because I was afraid they might spit in the food. Just wondering if sending disgusting food back to the kitchen is acceptable (and safe).
Thanks for the tips guys. Looks like I might be there longer than planned due to the hurricane.
Why do you think Shih Tzu were originally bred in China? Perfect for cleaning those hardwood floors.
I have 2 full days in Iceland in early Septembe and I am thinking about renting a car to tour either 1)Golden Circle and to Hofn 2) Golden Circle and Snaefellsjokul If I do Hofn, I'll probably spend the night somewhere around Vik. I'll stay in Reykjavik if I'm going to Snaefellsjokul. For those members who've been to both, which route would you recommend? Recommendations to restaurants along the way is also appreciated.
Land Friday night. - Drinks at the Carousel Lounge - Frenchmen St Saturday - Breakfast at Cafe du Monde - Walk around French Quarters / River bank - Lunch at Mother's or K Paul's or Acme - Grave tour or Swamp tour - Dinner at Mr B's Bistro - Preservation Hall - Pat O'Brien's - Café Brulot at Arnaud's Sunday - Walk around Garden district - Lunch at Commander's - Fly home I'm still debating on whether we should do the swamp tour or the grave tour and where to go for...
Not really dangerous, just annoying. Depending on the hotel, you might hear a lot of noise at night. If you are trying to go out at night, it's a pain in the ass to find a cab. It's a little far from the subway stop too.
Chelsea/Meat packing is not a great place to stay , its noisy, filled with drunks and pretty inconvenient. Stay some where else and check out the neighborhood
I ate frozen dinner for 2 years
Get a new belt with prong buckle
I'm considering getting a wool duffle for weekend trips. Filson has a Grey/Black and all black version. Thoughts?
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