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A friend of mine is in the Army and he's getting deployed soon. I know that there are a few forum members who are/were in the armed forces, I was wondering if you could provide some insights on what would be a good gift, perhaps something he could use when he's there. Thanks!
My personal favorite is the chesterfield.
Stripclubs don't like it when I dance
Didn't make reservations
My birthday is coming up and I'm at a loss to where to throw a party. I was hoping the forum could give some suggestions Here are some criteria: ~ 20 guests - not a pain in the ass to get in - cool vibe - drinks are not $14 a pop - Dancing would be nice but not necessary I know I can probably find a ton of places that fit that criteria, but I would justl ike to get some inspiration.
Apologies if this have been posted. $20 + 50% off at counter. These are the green and white ones. Not bad for $10. They are probably at the other Daffy's too
Didn't check this thread for 6 months. Will fishtail and chesterfield be coming back? Search function not functioning for me.
Johnny blue at Paul Stuart
I've heard good things about Union Force
Update post: Ultimately I decided to go to the south. It's a beautiful country but the food is a disappointment. Despite the access to great fish, most fish dishes I tried are over cooked, over salted and/or over sauced. I did try the Thrir Frakkar and it was nothing special. Poorsod, I'm surprised you didn't like the hotdog, I thought it was one of the better things I ate on the trip. Conclusion: Go for the scenery, not the food
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