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No man. Just no.
Went to Abe and Arthur last night. Despite being in Meat Packing, the food is pretty good. That said, the sweet potato fries and bread pudding were more memorable than the steak.
I bought these last year and wore them maybe 10 time or less. I'm going to get a pair of Tricker's so I don't see these in my rotation anymore. They are not even completely broken in. That being said, there's a little wear on the heels cause I walk heel heavy. I could potentially return them to LL Bean but that's abusing their goodwill. Does not include box. I applied a layer of mink oil when I first got them. Shipped to CONUS. Thanks for looking.
For sale is a pair of Suede Jodhpurs made for Polo by C&J. I'm looking to finance a pair of Tetbury's so these have to go. Price includes CONUS shipping. Shoe trees are not included. No returns (As a precaution after reading a certain thread )
Are they actually yellow or is it bad lighting?
+1 on Canadians on being overly nationalistic. When I travel, I only see Canadians stitching flags on backpacks. I mean really?
Telepan's 4 course dinner
If you call and she doesn't pick up do you 1) Do nothing and call back later 2) Leave voice mail and wait for her to call back 3) Send text message
Thanks for the recs, I've already found a place. And Tenjune and gansevoort are the opposite of what I'm looking for.
Thanks for all the great recommendations. He said he'll be at a base near the Pakistan border, I'm imagining he'll be bored out of his mind. I might end up getting him an eBook or a couple of DVDs
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