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So I changed my plans to go to Floripa first before i fly out from Rio. Now i have to wait 5 hours at GIG. I'm not looking forward to it.
If you like spicy salmon rolls, next time get a Natto roll at the restaurant. It will change your world.
cant be worse than GRU
Next flight is at 2:30 PM but I only get 1.5 day there so i wanted to maximize my time.
No sure if you are still there. You can pick up a bottle of Shui Jing Fang which is a high end Bai Jiu. Even if you don't like the stuff, the bottle is pretty enough.
My US to GIG flight arrives at 9:15 AM and I would like to book a 10:35AM to Floripa. If I have carry on luggage only, would that be enough time to clear customs, walk from terminal 1 to 2 and clear security? Thanks
Not sure whether this has been posted... but you can actually look up the violations of your favorite restaurants! e.g. totto ramen has evidence of mice and smoking
Sorry I'm not familiar with Alden. I wear size 9 AE and Grenson, but they are usually a tad big for me (I'm a size 8.75?), which is probably why I get a bit of heel lift on these.
Good thing/too bad these are 3 sizes to big for me
These are C&J for Gordon Scott. I got them from a forum member last week but there's just a tad of heel lift. Seller told me that they have only been worn twice; as you can see from the picture, they are practically new except for a few scuffs on the soles. They are marked 8.5 EX but fit like a 9D. $220 shipped CONUS. Trees not included.
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