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I always get massive headaches when i drink on/before a flight. And really bad cotton mouth, the tiny little cups just dont provide enough fluid to replenish myself.
Dirty Jerz But just don't do it. New Years in NY is horrible.
Never been to Circo, but Sarabeth is over rate. Meridien is nice, but there's construction going on next door (whole building demo'ed). Not sure if there will be sound issues, but it just kills the general vibe.
After they've been drinking regular stuff for a while, trick them into taking a shot of it. It makes them black out.
When is the trip? BKK is probably not a good idea now, or in the upcoming months.
I can see that going horribly wrong
Unlike most spirits, you should drink that with food.
Bring a winter jacket
Are you looking for "adult" sales and shows?
Pristine river or lake in China? Yet to see one...
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