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Selling two tickets to the Montreal Grand Prix below face value - Grandstand 21 Section 7 Row B Seat 9,10. This is the entrance to L'Epingle hair pin where Kubica crashed in 2007. Free shipping.
For sale is a pair of AE Vernon on the 108 last which is one of their sleeker lasts. Steel toe tabs installed by BNelson. Never worn in rain. Free ship to continental US/Canada. $160
Lightly worn pair of tan suede Stuart's Choice (Grenson Masterpiece) for sale. Steel toe tap installed by Bnelson. Free ship to continental US/Canada.
Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I dont have enough time to go to the Aran Islands, but will definitely check out O'Maille.
Hey guys, I'm heading to Ireland in a few weeks. Dublin, Galway and Donegal are on the itinerary. Can some one recommend good places that I should check out for tweed? I've seen John Molly being mentioned in the past. Any other noteworthy purveyors? Thanks,
Not sure if this has been posted...
Like black tooth grin said, Mr B's across the street has good shrimp. Their bread pudding is also fantasticAcme's Oyster is just around the corner too. I'm not a big fan of raw Louisiana lobsters, but I like the grilled oysters they have here.A swamp tour might sound cheesy but its actually a lot of fun. Our bus driver even made a detour through a neighborhood that was destroyed by Katrina and it would be a solemn affair if not for the bros on the bus.
8 slot "Breast Wallet" Bank Card Personal Amex Corporate Amex Subway card Driver's License Insurance Card Guggenheim membership card (Usually don't carry this around but I was there last week) I wish they could make my office security card a little smaller so it actually fits into my wallet.
Got my niggaz in Paris and they going gorillas!
Whats your itinerary for singapore? While I agree that kids will like S'pore more than Cambodia, 7 days sounds like a lot for Singapore. I usually tell people to plan 4-5 for Singapore.
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