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Kid: Soccer Now: Tennis, Windsurfing, Jogging, tried golf a couple of times but it's not my sport, squas (don't like indoor-tennis); bike sth. like 6 mi every day I am currently in southern France (about 2 h south of Lyon) at an archaelogical excavation: i did something like hours of working with a big pick axe and shovel to dig free a wall of a medival castle that partly belonged to a roman temple from the 1. century BC. I ligted huge stones and then took the trowel to...
I'd recommend checking out the Streetwear and Denim part of Styleforum for your needs as an average HS student as you've descibed yourself... Other than that it really depends on what the social context is like and what image you want to project.
Wow, it's got a wood sole That justifies the price...
Hopefully his gf isn't a native of mars- I'd rather have her plan out a uranus mission and finding a way to get some redwine onboard so she can hang out with the other ladies there and talk about the guys on mars.
Quote: Originally Posted by kapay She has plans of working for NASA in Florida but she doesn't seem very inspired or motivated at the time. There's always a couple of universities around there that do some work for NASA (UC Berkeley, Stanford)- worst case would be the JPL in Pasadena (that's what? an hour by plane...). Otherwise NASA is underfunded anyway. If you do move to Europe for some time lots of the high-tech for the satellites comes...
Quote: Originally Posted by auto90403 so when jonglover's german pal starts pigeon-holing american girls as sluts versus those "classy" german girls, it's nothing but utter bullshit. god knows, we have our sluts and so do they. I'm in agreement on that- I've attended both a rather upper-(middle-) class HS in the US and Germany and I've come to some conclusions: While the average girl attending a german Gymnasium is classier, they are also...
The thing is that in Herzogenaurach, where both companies are headquartered, the kids from Puma-families were not supposed to hang out or date with the Adidas-kids back when. I think that about sums up the degree of animosity between the companies. Personally I think that a lot of the stuff Puma puts out there is pretty cool but then again I don't own any 'sneakers' per se. I thought about getting some Pumas though.
www.seitelman.com "We understand that after an accident you are hurt and confused. We do not treat you as just another case. Your job is to recover from your injuries. Our job is to take care of your case, lost income, and medical bills." I guess that answers that question. Still he's a NY lawyer and I'm certain he'd be able to recommend someone.
No idea, as I always tranfer the money to the Paypal bank account directly. Last summer I spent 6 weeks travelling around the US with a friend of mine and you can guess what 1.75% of all charges make... Doesn't hurt but it's an unpleasant surprise.
I guess the main question you have is whether the factory outlet in Northampton is well-stocked (i.e. popular designs in many sizes)? Correct? Ich würde bei Dailyshoes bengal-stripe ansprechen, der lebt in England, spricht deutsch und weiß das bestimmt.
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