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For stuff that is indestructable I might add Peter Scott.
Isn't it true that people who are from well-off/ very educated backgrounds tend to be started in music by their parents early on and are 'forced' through the phase of wanting to give up... If you are from a very educated background you WILL be very well-rounded and interested in many things. Also, no one will question your decison to study something that has no direct application (i.e. business, science, etc.) such as music. It's likely that you went to a pretty good...
I didn't grow up during the 70's but distinctly remember walking out the cinema (big picture + good and loud sound) and regretting that I did not. Seemed like an interesting time- then again I'd hate to fight all the battles my parent generation fought for us. My generation lives in such an easy time...
Just bought the medium-sized Ortlieb Sling-it today for that purpose (and holding bigger books). http://ortlieb.de/_prod.php?lang=en&produkt=slingit# It looks a lot better in reality btw., esp. in medium. Ortlieb are great products, probably the best workmanship around. All made in germany, environmentally friendly and they are extremely thought-out (strap to keep the bag to stay on your back while cycling, different surfaces, etc.
Looks like the EG Troon to me. Nice shoe.
If you decide for rimless frames go with Silhouettes. Some threads should come up when you do a search.
It's no the mercedes that put him ahead of the competition- it's the three letter on the back: AMG. Thinking about it for one more second though, women won't know.
Ditto. I went to dancing school for two and a half years here in Germany and am really fond of the Waltz (the faster the better when you have a good partner); cha-cha\\ rumba; foxtrot and so on. I dance whenever I find the opportunity and have a partner (about once a week on average- also there are enought balls to attend and the infamous dance tea).
Quote: Originally Posted by mrri77 I will be traveling to Spain shortly and was wondering as to whether anyone had any opinions on the less mentioned spanish shoe brands. When talking about spanish shoes one always hears Carmina and Yanko. Does anyone know about Lottusse, barrats, kollflex, george's handmade and the other welted shoe brands? Also, are the Carmina prices in Spain less expensive than in their paris store? Thanks. I think it...
I'm seriously considering to order a shirt in linen and was reminded of the fabulous open-collar Mr. Kabbaz once made in blue linen, I think. Anyone has a link to that picture so I can get something along these lines too? ---- EDIT: Found it:
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