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You see an attorney and a politician drown. However, you can only rescue one. What do you do? Go for lunch or read the newspaper?
Hillarious movie! Mostly german ancestry, so it makes sense I hung out there... Also: You don't get any cooler than a city with a green mayor, that has mandated low-energy or passive energy construction and solar panels for all new houses since '92. Also the most sunniest german city and a great college town vibe.
TI-89 is fun for multi-player games (connect them with the link cable). Unfortunately you lose all your mathematical capabilities with that thing. I used it for Physics and Math in the US for a year- when I returned to Germany I wasn't allowed to use a graphical calculator for math, not to speak of a CAS- I lost all my math skills during that year and never fully regained them as I knew in the comfort of home I could 'double-check' with the Ti-89. Great Gameboy...
As far as I can recall you're attending Harvard Law School, where in the US, if not there would it be okay to break out a PS? Also, isn't everyone trying to be 'special' there anyway- so that's your mark of distinction, it's a mark of honor!
Soccer: Werder Bremen American Football: Eagles
Get the T9 in your phone set up properly, teach it your vocab and you're good to go. It's cheap (free with my plan), you can do it anywhere (in the classroom to someone else....) and you don't have to talk (i.e. just get the bit across you want and not have to talk). Plus it's actually nice in a social setting as you don't have to pick it up but you just get a quick notice and then answer it at a convenient time (i.e. girl in the bathroom while you're in a cafe and your...
I just found this while browsing around and thought someone should snatch it up. The seller looks legit to me (commercial operation). Currently 0 bids and at 149 €. Size 38. Might be a bit more AAAC crowd but I wanted to give it a try... Sidevents, rome style.
That was just my observation form the people I know. I graduated from a renowned HS here in Germany and it's exactly those people who are not only very interested in science but also good in music, languages, etc. that go on to med school in Germany (right after HS- the top 5% of the best ~25- 30% of all students have the required minumum grades to apply to med school...). Those people usually come from a very educated background. It's unfair but that's life. Education...
For stuff that is indestructable I might add Peter Scott.
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