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First of of all I would like to thank you for your replies. This week I attended a conference and got to ask the question as well. The replies from corporate lawyers at big firms echoed pretty much what you said. So, once again this is proof that SF is an infinite source of wisdom. I'll be putting in some time in to learn basic accounting techniques so I'll properly understand my future clients; not more and not less.
Hi, I've been wondering for while now whether it's worth taking the time to learn IFRS? My situation: I'm a third year law student and am about to start my specialization in business law (mostly capital markets/ finance and M&A). It'll be at least another four years until I'll start practicing, more likely 6 years. Essentially, I wonder whether it makes sense for a lawyer to learn accounting? I'll never be as good as a CPA and when I'm working on deals I'll be...
I have had my Gloverall for about three four years now. Anyway, they've started offering the 'clasic' Duffelcoats with a hidden zipper to eliminate the wind problem. Very nice coat, boxy but great looking.
a) You're 21 (like me) so I'd worry less and try to f*** more. b) Why do people bring up questions that relate to long-term relationships at this age? Hell, I know people I went to school with in the US that have kids by now??? Get out there and have some fun- you won't find your soulmate right now. c) Looking at the first picture I thought: yuck. In the actual picture of her I have to say that she looks, if not hot, like a nice and fairly attractive woman. It's just who...
Personally, I wouldn't wear anything that calls attention to myself rather than the desceased. Though you will look at the stroller (quite rightly) as showing respect, most people will probably look at you and wonder what the heck you are wearing.
Generally, I have to say that I love living in Germany. Every place has its up- ad downsides but after having lived in the US and been to a lot of countries I have to say that this is it. Only possible exception being Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland but these aren't that different... in choosing a lifestyle it's pretty much what I want here.
I think one mostly learns from observation; if your father dresses well you will develop the eye for how thing s are supposed to be from early on. You'll see him doing little thing such as polishing his shoes etc. and hence you'll emulate how he does them. Then, as a man, you find out some of the finer details yourself, you develop style. My father taught me the basics of how to tie a tie etc. and is an okay dresser. I didn't learn the point of formal wear from him but...
If you don't find one I could get you one from Germany. They're required for lawyers and judges in court (or bow ties). It's fairly easy to get them near courts, etc. But look a bit more first- also I guess most of these are of shoddy quality.
I'd totally agree that this suit is way over the top, some janker can be fairly aesthetically pleasing however. Especially when they're fairly simple. They are a bit of a conservative uniform in general though and one shouldn't be wearing it if you're not from southern germany (or have at least lived there for a good while). Found a link to some stuff at Eduard Meier. http://www.edmeier.de/lifestyle/1dok.html Btw. They deliver in a horse carriage if you want to......
I'm sure you'd find something in Italy as well- italians aren't exactly giants themselves
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