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Quote: Originally Posted by ccffm1 I love my rugbies and usually wear either an OCBD or a polo shirt underneath them. +1
Let's see- this thread is more than two and a half years old... Thanks for digging that up but I guess this being the digital age and all... Worked out nicely for a while, went off to different colleges across the country and figured that its best to get settled in that place. I had just turned 19 back then mind you. Plus, I became active in a student corporation (read: frat) which didn't leave much time for anything else (including studying). I got and get my fair...
Let's see- had lunch on the go, made an inappropriate joke about eastern germany today and the attorney I was working with laughed her a** off, went practicing for my next mensur (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_fencing) and then had a successful standoff in a debate. Happily finished my time sheet with the feeling of getting money I can spend on cool stuff. Also had about 20 beers on sunday and smoked cigar. Started the day off with wine on Saturday went over...
I don't think HK is really where yu should be looking for bespoke shoes. It's more of a tailoring city than shoes. Get some shirts and satisfy your bespoke shoe cravings in that price range in Prague.
A white linen PS should be the easiest thing to get a a half way decent haberdasher. Where do you live? Pretty much any store as a drawer with PS and the white linen is the stable.
Judging from the picture I'd say its corrected grain leather. Do a search on the forum.
I know this might be hard to belive but every german law student officially gets drunk in one course. When you intern (actually more of a clerkship) with a court you have to attend a 'class' on legal medicine where you get drunk and have to go to a breathalyzer after every drink. Supposedly you do that to be aware of how drunk you are after a each drink and be aware of that once you're a judge or so. At eight in the evening we had two guys throw up in the buildig of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Why would you want a hand job on a plane? Because you can, dude. Sounds rather hard to believe though- must have been a very empty flight with no flight attendands whatsoever (or was it one of them...).
Have I been to class drunk? Sure, but mostly with the alcohol in my blood from the (sometimes very late) night before when I dragged myself there. Other than that I usually just skip class when I'm drunk too early in the day but that doesn't happen too frequently anymore.
Not to comment on the suit but I didn't need to see the crotch photo...
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