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Tricker's are a good value even on full retail considering the low Pound.
Sure its genuine leather? Might be imitation leather, which in turn one can possibly dry clean.
I have a pair by CT that is pretty slim fitting. IMHO the quality is pretty good considering that you should be able to get those on sale.
PM sent on 3 and 4.
What about going to one of those places where you can do wall climbing? That's gernerally a lot of fun and indoors. If you care for that s*** you can also see the symbolism in holding her safety rope.
Not sure how cold its out at your place but what I did just yesterday wa to drive out of the city and hike through the snow. Remember to take a blanket to sit on when it's not warm enough for you to take off the jacket and sit on it while enjoying the view. Take a book full of poems and read those together (great are those poems that are basically short stories and have several parts- you read one part and she reads the other), also don't forget to take a snack and/or...
Having had Sperry, Sebago and Timberland I strongly prefer the latter. Timberland's leather feels the best to me, they're durable and have the most attractive sole.
1. Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany (2006-09) 2. Université de Lausanne, Switzerland (2009-10) 3. Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany (2010-11?) Law
Really, why would you feel the need to change once you go through the door of your own home? Your outside clothes should be comfortable enough that you don't feel you need to change once past the doorstep... When I'm in a suit I'll remove my jacket and tie, that's it. When I'm dressed more casually (I'm as studnet mind you), I'll wear jeans, cords or khakis all of which are plenty comfortable... that together with a shirt and sweater and I'm good to go... even at...
Quote: Originally Posted by ccffm1 I love my rugbies and usually wear either an OCBD or a polo shirt underneath them. +1
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