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Sir Max in Amsterdam. Crockett &Jones, Edward Green, G&G, Bestetti, Saint Crispins to name a few. RTW and MTO. Should provide some options for balmoral boots.
Contact them. The have both a telephone number and an email address. Attach your pictures. Ask them if the damage can be repaired and at what cost.
Chest measurement
Nore, you are the best for helping an iGent out like this! Way beyond the call of duty
Yup, you got it
^ thanks. now the statement of the price difference between Vass and Maftei makes sense to me.
^ not surprising given the purpose of the Galway and Shannon's. I think bulky is a relative term. Certainly one would expect the balmoral boot to be sleeker but the Galway ain't no pair of Tricker's Stows either. Either one would be a great choice. Keep us informed.
You might want to check out SWD and ask there. There is a thread dedicated to these boots and alternative ones. Good info over there.
Maybe my information is wrong or out of date but isn't Maftei's RTW and MTO price in the 500 euro range and their bespoke price starting at the 1000 euro mark?Or are you saying that you can get Vass in a width that fits and would have to do Maftei bespoke?I'm interested in seeing if their prices have risen over time.Thanks.
No, some makers include a number that indicates a drop even for an odd jacket. Gives you and indication of the cut of the jacket and the taper between chest and waist.
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