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Hi there, I am interested in purchasing suits - preferably 2 button or 3/2 roll - with a chest measurement of 46 or 47 inches (pit-to-pit x2)or there abouts (not much smaller than that though). My shoulder measurement is approximately 19.5" so no less than that. I'm interested in high end suits. I would prefer navy, grey but will consider other colours. Would prefer flat front but will consider pleats depending on style and number. let me know what you...
with a green fright wig; polkadot jumpsuit and a red rubber nose
It is interesting what different eyes see and how that affects colour combinations. However, I must say that I fall into the "brown shoes with grey suits and brown shoes with navy suits work" category. Beyond my own personal tastes, I also defer to the opinions of those who work with colour both artistically and in fashion and the vast majority of those contacts tell me that brown with grey and brown with navy do work. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so go...
You were not wrong. Both buyer and seller have a responsibility in the transaction. Each one must be diligent to check messages and ensure there is a quick consummation of the deal especially if you are doing electronic transactions each party has to be able to respond literally at the push of a button. Unfotunately, we do not have the luxury of time anymore when we are connected to buyers around the globe via the internet. I only wish I had pulled the trigger and...
What are people's opinions of Ike Behar dress shirts in terms of quality for the price.
Buy a vintage tie clip. Then they will be proportional to the width of the tie.
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