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Good luck to you. So you will try a variety of makers and see which makes a shoe that fits you best?
Might want to do a bit more research before you dive right into 6 bespoke pairs of shoes. What makers are you considering?
Yes, they have all of their models on there. Do you have an idea of what you are thinking of or you asking for recommendations on style, last and colour to help inform your decision?
Have you looked at the catalogue to see what appeals to you? Does your business casual include an odd jacket? How does a Norweger strike you?
You need to let them dry. Your feet perspire and if you wear them everyday you will speed up the degradation of the leather/suede.
The correct course of action.
I think you opened yourself to criticism simply by stating your opinion that you are fashion conscious and well-dressed. Those shoes - no matter what the brand, price or quality - had people thinking otherwise. Take it to heart. If you are set on loafers, search SF for examples that are well received then find something similar in your price range.
Did they have a 56 L and did you try it on?
Picture of the sock liner? There is a pair listed on Kijiji in Ontario. I seem to recall these shoes were more readily available in the Canadian market and certainly not out of reach for the common man, of which my father certainly was.,4532056
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