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The correct course of action.
I think you opened yourself to criticism simply by stating your opinion that you are fashion conscious and well-dressed. Those shoes - no matter what the brand, price or quality - had people thinking otherwise. Take it to heart. If you are set on loafers, search SF for examples that are well received then find something similar in your price range.
Did they have a 56 L and did you try it on?
Picture of the sock liner? There is a pair listed on Kijiji in Ontario. I seem to recall these shoes were more readily available in the Canadian market and certainly not out of reach for the common man, of which my father certainly was. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=698&dat=19531209&id=8twJAAAAIBAJ&sjid=2UIDAAAAIBAJ&pg=2939,4532056 http://vintagehaberdashers.com/2012/05/24/john-mchale-custom-captoes/
More correctly, Ugolini is a bespoke shoemaker with a long history of doing trunk shows in Japan. He developed the lasts in cooperation with Isetan Japan. Isetan wanted to do a RTW line, something that Ugolini was not interested in. Isetan tapped Vass to produce the shoes and Ugolini worked with Vass to ensure a workable product . Kalman Berta, produces the lasts for Vass.
Canadian-made I think. My father wore McHales circa 1950's. think they were bought up by Florsheim. Well made and well regarded. That is all I can recall.
I guess it has been some time since you purchased your suits since the site evaporated over a year ago.
There are threads on both Graham Browne and Cad & the Dandy.
I agree that few people would know offhand what it would take to repair this kind of damage if at all.Having bespoke shoe experience doesn't really come into play here other than knowing who to call instead of posting here.
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