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Non-emaciated is right but it is not my fault. I have just gotten over my state of denial in which, although I am still a 43 R, I often have to wear a 46 in many suits because a growing number of suit manufacturers have unilaterally decided to cut a 44 R with a 44" chest. So what's the deal with that?
I'd be interested to see pics and measurements
why is it that the waist measurement on the 36 tweeds is 33", have they been altered or are they new?
for conversion between imperial and metric, 1 metre equals 1.08 yards
measurements on the 56 and 54 jackets please
While there will be many dissenters, if you are most concerned with rise then you could look at lower tier garments. J Crew makes low rise dress pants and while they do not compare sartorially to other makes it would address your problem.
This has truly been an interesting thread and has turned a rather mundane Friday afternoon right around. There is nothing like witnessing the shear spectacle of territorial pissing. It is also interesting to see who has the ability to state their case without resorting to emotional outbursts. Now I remember why I don't drink and post.
I'll be in the area in November and wanted to see if I could find some deals. So taking into consideration what you've said, what would you suggest as good bets for those who will be in the Phoenix area. What about the NM Last Call or Nordstrom Last Chance? How about Well Suited consignment. If the pickin's are slim should I hop on Southwest and go to LV or LA for better outlet buys e.g. RL?
If you have pets you have to expect damage. My daughter's St. Bernard chewed the pull tabs off my brand new Blundstone's. I know, no great loss right? But they were a special edition made for the Canadian market only and great in the snow. Over time she then chewed the brim of my best hat; ate a 20 dollar bill; her CKC papers; two loaves of bread my wife left out to cool and most of the cedars and junipers in the back yard. She died of cancer this year at the age of...
Gentlemen, Thank you for the responses; they have helped quite a bit. As it happens, I would have gone with the 56(46) ut they were out of stock at Yoox so the lag in responses actually helped me. Thanks, G
New Posts  All Forums: