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I made the transition from industry to academe and the first thing I noticed was that university reflects the larger world: few people dress well whether they are a university president or a professor. As Dewey notes I don't think there is a requisite dress code that typifies academic life. University environments allow for expressions of individuality but use your head and express that individuality with good taste. Wearing an ill-fitting, quilted Thom Browne jacket...
quite ugly on a variety of levels
Do you think if I knitted a sweater from my back hair and got a semi-celebrity to wear it - say Ron Jeremy - that I could sell it for big $$$? No, that won't work 'cause you couldn't tell where Ron ended and the sweater began. Nevermind.
Yeah, Whoopie did some good stuff early on.
Well, I'm sure we all have a great deal to learn from the candid ratings and comments of wealthy men in this and other impartial survey
Sometimes it is cultural. When I worked in Latin America people would make plans for dinner or meetings and not show up. I took offense; I wondered why they didn't have the courtesy to show up. But later I was told that that was the way things are. No one takes offense if you say you will be there and don't show up. So it was me who had unrealistic expectations. But, that said, if I promise to do something or be somewhere then I try to meet that obligation to the...
Ever since I can remember I have been an early riser and to this day I'm up between 5:30 and 5:45 AM and at work by 6:15 or 6:30 at the latest. Asleep by 11:00 or 11:30 PM. I've never been able to sleep much later than 7:30 AM irrespective of what time I went to bed. Early mornings are great in spring and summer but mornings this time of year are cold, black and miserable. I'm glad I have a remote car starter.
Hey, that's a rare piece of Canadian fashion history! It was commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to represent its stunning logo. Now that I've seen it I've decided not to pull the trigger on the Versace panther. I've got $1750 (albeit Canadian $$) now tell me where to find the shirt. Talk about holy grails! By the way, looking at the dental work on the panther it just goes to show you the value of regular oral health care. Brush your teeth kids. In...
I have one and you could do a lot worse especially given the current sale price of $ 228.00. Nice fabric, nice fit, not unlike the legacy blazer. I think it is worth it.
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