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Just had the following done for a total of $ 198 Canadian: 4 odd jackets (sleeves shortened); 1 odd jacket (swapped out original buttons); 1 pair of odd trousers hemmed; 1 suit (waist suppression, working sleeve buttons, pants hemmed/cuffed).
Bingo! Now, I think I will go off and buy a pair of GG Grants in vintage oak to prove the theory. [quote=CharlesAlexander;1649720] -*Most* shoes in this price range last for a long time. They can go a year or two without buying new shoes. You may have to buy a new pair of Kenneth Coles every year, but your John Lobbs will last for years and years. This is a concept people like Mickey don't understand or choose to ignore. *Most* shoes in this price range are that...
A pox on Gilt and their policies that marginalize non-USA residents.
If you are going for function over fashion, Canada Goose is bulletproof albeit heavy. If you want something more technical, warm and light I would suggest the Mountain Hardwear SubZero parka if you want to cover you rear or the MH SubZero SL jacket which is hip length. Light gear with enough fill to keep you warm. The Subzero also has a water resistant outer...
You can call a store directly and they will ship to Canada. This is true for Ralph Lauren, NM, Nordstrom etc. Then you just have to deal with customs. Quote: Originally Posted by remy185 ok but will stores ship to canada, the website doesn't
I wear a Sinn EZM1 on my left wrist. That way the crown pushers do not poke into the back of my hand. When I dive, the pushers don't snag anything. I've always worn my depth gauge on my right hand. In addition to the Panerai Destro, Chronoswiss makes a Timemaster and Timemaster Chrono with large "onion" left-handed crowns. I don't think it is a matter of paying a premium for the left-handed crown they are just not done that often and usually done by high end watch...
+1 Quote: Originally Posted by litho Tumi
I made the transition from industry to academe and the first thing I noticed was that university reflects the larger world: few people dress well whether they are a university president or a professor. As Dewey notes I don't think there is a requisite dress code that typifies academic life. University environments allow for expressions of individuality but use your head and express that individuality with good taste. Wearing an ill-fitting, quilted Thom Browne jacket...
quite ugly on a variety of levels
Do you think if I knitted a sweater from my back hair and got a semi-celebrity to wear it - say Ron Jeremy - that I could sell it for big $$$? No, that won't work 'cause you couldn't tell where Ron ended and the sweater began. Nevermind.
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