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RL accepts foreign credit cards so why don't you call a RL store and have a sales rep see if they have the item you found on the website in stock. They will search all stores to find what you want. They will ship (at least to Canada) internationally from a store but not the website. other than that you can go the proxy route.
It seems to me that altering a 44 down to a 38 would not be worth the trouble irrespective of the cost of the suit. Do a bit more searching and find a suit closer to your size that will not be completely destroyed by the alteration process.
+1 Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I can't believe that after 12 replies nobody said to GET BOTH.
It certainly is not off-putting like most of your previous posts
The dark over the tan for sure
The stitching certainly does detract from the overall esthetics of the shoe
Generally I find Trickers to be less than sleek in all respects. The boots are robustly made but other than that they do nothing for me.
You probably should not be looking at buying a long jacket and does the top of collar to bottom seam measurement qualify the jacket as a 38 L?
I only do with a coat it when the weather is nasty, which is 7 months a year here. If I happen to be wearing a leather jacket, I only pop it when I am jumping the shark.
I can understand being looked down upon for poor style choices but call me naive but I never thought the same could happen when one made a a seemingly rationale sartorial choice. I have never worked in law but it never dawned on me that I could offend someone by by accidentally dressing better than they did.
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