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Quote: Originally Posted by dclloyd IMO one buttons are like four buttons were a few years ago ... they tend to be more subject to swings in fashion than 2's or 3's. If this is one suit of a few that you have, and you're not looking for something that's really a 'classic' then go for it. If you're still building your wardrobe and you don't have the basics covered already I'd probably go with the two. Sage words. Unless it will work against...
A bit over the top IMHO plus the plaid is off as per Doc's reply but at that price get it and wear it like crazy
Thanks. That was great - made my day.
Do most trolls have a primary language other than English?
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness I read that BB is coming to Calgary in fall of 2009. I'll reserve judgment until I see their prices, but in the long run, a major competitor like that can only be for the good. Well, at least you may be getting BB. In Saskatoon, there are rumours of Harry Rosen setting up shop. Great. Fabulous. One more place not to shop in Saskatoon!
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter yeah, its a tough call, nobody likes to fire or force people out, but it really is hard for people to change. People rarely change. Progressive discipline, unions, tenure and other things now make it all but impossible to deal with people in the workplace. Private industry on the other hand has an easier time hiring and firing but labour boards and human rights boards now take up the cause of people...
With loonies & toonies you would need a big jesus change purse. I just throw them on the console of the truck so I can use them at Tim Hortons.
If you are getting shafted because you are the one with the plastic think ahead and bring cash to cover your end and your tip. Bottom line is that if you are the one facilitating everyone else with your card you are always in the position of getting done especially in large groups.
Although this is something that is not done by most people everyday, why not just do it instead of polling people? Ethical dilemmas do not have a one size fits all solution. To some, your actions would be that of a douchebag. To others, it is a victimless crime or an ingenious way to get what you want. Why should you really care what others think? Or were you just trying to get input on all of the angles to see if there was a chance that PLal would figure out what was...
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