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black...no dust
The LaCroix by far and away
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Really? Where have you heard that rumor? I am usually pretty optomistic about Saskatoon, but Harry Rosen would fail pretty miserably here I think. PS - This thread rocks. I was talking to a sales person in Winnipeg at who mentioned it. He said it would be a small (<5000 square feet). I can't see it going over but you never know.
Ted Baker is doing a nice looking three piece although quality wise you won't get canvassed construction but it would fall in your price range and is available in Canada (Holt or Harry, I can't remember). There have been the odd RLPL three piecers on EBay.
Shoulders seem off. The length is fine for a more casual look but if you were wearing it with odd trousers it would be too short. If you are a 42 L why did you go with the 42 R? Was it so you could achieve the shorter length look?
I've always carried a pocket knife with a straight razor blade and found it to be more useful. something like this (style not brand): http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/sqvjf48...r-Pocket-Knife
I'd rank it 2-1-3 in terms of preference. Do you have a link to the maker so others can see what he offers?
It is a waste of time defending or explaining why you wear what you wear especially to people who don't share your sartorial tastes. Cultural differences + family relationships = huge problem in debating/fighting to support your point. Take the high road and don't lower yourself to their level.
Quote: Originally Posted by chas What is the story with "Luxury Vintage"? It is a beautiful shirt. I am assuming it is a new shirt made of vintage stock fabric. Is this assumption correct? Thanks in advance. More like a classic style esthetic harkening back to a golden age but new fabric not dead stock.
using "actor" removes gender. They are all actors and equal in station if not ability.
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