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Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx I got into dental school. the work looked depressing to be honest and I didn't continue. It was expensive schooling and I really couldn't see myself enjoying going into work everyday. OMFS is difficult to get into and is long. If you think you'll like it, go for it. Its basically like medicine but you're specializing in the teeth. No people really die either, which was the big attraction for me. dentists...
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx looks like my $50 off card will expire on Jan 31st-- hoping someone finds a 40Reg navy suit in their local polo store I can order! The only one the sales associate in GA found was a glen plaid with a light purple windowpane (which sounds cool but not conservative enough for work). Wouldn't a SA check across the country to see if what you want is in stock somewhere else and have it brought in for you?
If it is for the money and a better work life balance then I would suggest Dentistry. No internship or residency requirement means that you that you are earning right out of the box. Your patients by and large are educated, wealthy and informed and are eager for care. The undergraduate course of study is more time intensive than Medicine: more course hours overall as you combine the didactic plus the clinical care. In many places Dentists out-earn GP's Physicians. On...
Still have my primary job + consulting side business has increased although my industry is not directly tied to the market meltdown.
I am not required to wear a suit and tie but I do based on my perception of what the proper dress code should be for the position.
Quote: Originally Posted by makushin To be honest with you the electronic books suck. I like being able to flip pages. The biggest reason I hate electronic books, is it necessitates me taking this damn MacBook along when I need to study, and I always end up wasting time on the internet. It's kind of a major problem. It is nice not carrying a bag full of books around though. E-books are not for everyone. Did they make you buy all of...
A little more ignorant and a bit richer
University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Idiots...sea kittens...who is going to save the sea monkeys! Seriously though, that has to be one of the most idiotic ideas yet. However, last year in Canada, one man decapitated another passenger on a Grayhound bus near Winnipeg. PETA tried to take out radio and print advertising comparing this event to animal rights. See below: http://askville.amazon.com/PETA-run-...estId=13927060
black...no dust
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