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It's been eons since I was last in NYC and I am looking forward to spending three or four days somewhere around May 12-16. Restaurants and attraction I have covered but, given the time of year, what should I expect in terms of sales events? Is it worth the time to take a side trip to Woodbury Common? Other than when the RL outlet gets a new shipment is it hit and miss in terms of what they have in stock especially in terms of suits and jackets? I want to check...
Only when selling said watches in dark alleys.
The measurement refers to the waist circumference when buckled at the third hole or middle hole.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milgauss The OP's question was 'Can a Rolex Submariner be worn as a beater watch' not 'Should' it be worn. The answer to the question is YES - it can be worn. Physically it is robust and strong enough to withstand wear and tear and the 3XXX series movements have stood the test of time for 50 years now. Whether it should be worn as a beater is up to the wearer. Personally, I do not choose to follow what some magazine...
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr why not just send him down there now and he can pick up a number of the RLPL suits onsale for $800...and if you really do have the $ and think the man could never afford an $800 suit why not spend a very small fraction on him as a gift, it might actually make you feel good, even better then buying yourself one, try it some time. Are RLPL suits on sale for $800.00?
Quote: Originally Posted by HighSociety Im making $345,000 a year. Purple Label purchasing is like Christmas. Wow, quick to throw out the salary. Yup, there is nothing like openly discussing your salary with strangers to instill legitimacy and respect. Besides PL you can afford a Rolex with no dusts.
So I have a recent (St. Andrews) vintage RLPL two button suit. It has a ticket pocket if that helps pinpoint the season (maybe not). It is a 44R with a chest measurement of between 47 and 48 inches and the shoulders approximately 20 inches. With a little bit of letting out the jacket fits well. Has there been much variation over the last few years in the measurements of a 44R? Since I don't have a RL store anywhere near to try the suit on would I be safe in ordering...
Often private sellers will "adjust" the value but not retail. Just got a $ 360+ order from a US e-tailer and was dinged $ 112 in duty, taxes oh, and yes, a $5 handling fee.
quite nice
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan What is Qiviuk? Is it a fiber or a brand or both? It is muskox. I had a sweater made of it and it is very nice. Makes nice scarves. This is the first I've heard of it being used for suit fabric. I wouldn't imagine it would last very long under normal wear but anyone paying $ 43K would probably not care.
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