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Quote: Originally Posted by HighSociety Im making $345,000 a year. Purple Label purchasing is like Christmas. Wow, quick to throw out the salary. Yup, there is nothing like openly discussing your salary with strangers to instill legitimacy and respect. Besides PL you can afford a Rolex with no dusts.
So I have a recent (St. Andrews) vintage RLPL two button suit. It has a ticket pocket if that helps pinpoint the season (maybe not). It is a 44R with a chest measurement of between 47 and 48 inches and the shoulders approximately 20 inches. With a little bit of letting out the jacket fits well. Has there been much variation over the last few years in the measurements of a 44R? Since I don't have a RL store anywhere near to try the suit on would I be safe in ordering...
Often private sellers will "adjust" the value but not retail. Just got a $ 360+ order from a US e-tailer and was dinged $ 112 in duty, taxes oh, and yes, a $5 handling fee.
quite nice
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan What is Qiviuk? Is it a fiber or a brand or both? It is muskox. I had a sweater made of it and it is very nice. Makes nice scarves. This is the first I've heard of it being used for suit fabric. I wouldn't imagine it would last very long under normal wear but anyone paying $ 43K would probably not care.
Quote: Originally Posted by anner624 I had some money and decided to spend it on a watch. Relise I have no clue about watches of any sort of jewelry, so I bought a Armitron watch from eshopintuition.com. Are they any good, what is the average price for a good watch? Research first then buy
Quote: Originally Posted by canvas01 I'm a struggling premed and need a backup option. I've been told to look into pharmacy but just can't see the appeal. Perhaps I am overlooking something? What opportunities exist with a Pharm degree besides working at CVS or Target and putting pills in bottles? Are there research opportunities? Academic opportunities? There are lots of other opportunities beyond dispensing both in the public and private...
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon the mods need to impose a rule that all 'highest suicide rate' type comments are accompanied by evidence ...too much of that shit being bandied about The association between suicide and dentistry has always been blown out of proportion. Dentistry does not make well adjusted people kill themselves. The stressful environment of Dentistry: long periods of intense focussing on a very small area coupled with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx I got into dental school. the work looked depressing to be honest and I didn't continue. It was expensive schooling and I really couldn't see myself enjoying going into work everyday. OMFS is difficult to get into and is long. If you think you'll like it, go for it. Its basically like medicine but you're specializing in the teeth. No people really die either, which was the big attraction for me. dentists...
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx looks like my $50 off card will expire on Jan 31st-- hoping someone finds a 40Reg navy suit in their local polo store I can order! The only one the sales associate in GA found was a glen plaid with a light purple windowpane (which sounds cool but not conservative enough for work). Wouldn't a SA check across the country to see if what you want is in stock somewhere else and have it brought in for you?
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