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Chinese or suspect "Swiss" movements; inflated list price, super "sale" prices. Run don't walk away from these watches. Listen to the others. Stowa is one of your best bets for a mechanical German watch and balances quality and price. Sinn makes great watches. Check out Schaumburg watches too. The list goes on but should not include Perigaum.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos The Cartier Tank springs to mind. +1. You cannot go wrong with a Tank Americaine, Francaise or better yet, Tank Louis Cartier.
I find SF to be a valuable resource and I have taken far more from it than I have contributed. I began to rework my wardrobe last November and I am interested in opinions on where I should go next. I do review WAYWRN and use the SEARCH function but I'm seeking some fundamental suggestions. I am a Dean of a health professional college at a Canadian university and I wear mainly suits and occasionally odd jackets. Given the climate, I find less need for a summer...
Wait a bit, I'm sure they will appear soon in the BS
This just arrived.
My wife is a hunter junkie and has just about everything they make and looking them over they are great boots. I even have my own now for stomping around the farm. They are hand made as well although I am not sure if that applies to all of them.
FStyles is great to deal with; he's got some nice threads and the buying process is nothing but smooth.
So, I picked up my Bordeaux Swan Neck double-soles at Canada Post today and now I can see why many rave about Vass shoes. Irrespective of the esthetic debate over U versus other lasts, one cannot help but appreciate Vass' achievement in form and function. My fears over fit were quickly alleviated. I am a US 9 in most shoes and I went with the 42.5 and it was the right move. Kolecho made the transaction quick and relatively painless. I don't even mind that Canada Post...
It's been eons since I was last in NYC and I am looking forward to spending three or four days somewhere around May 12-16. Restaurants and attraction I have covered but, given the time of year, what should I expect in terms of sales events? Is it worth the time to take a side trip to Woodbury Common? Other than when the RL outlet gets a new shipment is it hit and miss in terms of what they have in stock especially in terms of suits and jackets? I want to check...
Only when selling said watches in dark alleys.
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