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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Hmmm...they're kinda ugly. Was this the first pair from them? If so, what was your inspiration for the details? Actually, from my poor pictures they do look kind of fugly. They are the first pair of bespoke with Cleverley and my insipration was a 1970 Plymouth Superbird +Cleverley Catalogue #24 the brown buck derby with hand sewn wingcap. I liked the way they looked in person so but i wanted them in a dark...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl i cannot understand, why people do not pick up their bespoke shoes personally??? the op' shoes are an unusual design and sorry i cannot say i like them at all... I appreciate your honesty.
Quote: Originally Posted by jon5986 I am undecided. I want a new boot in (dark brown), which I can wear with jeans and I like a few of their new styles on the back on the Fall Itinerary Cards. Style number 2 (on the Fall Itinerary) is beautiful! What's next on your list? I do like that shoe. I'm not sure what is next for me. I was thinking about something in Russian Reindeer; maybe a boot like the Derby or the High-Cut Veldt.
Quote: Originally Posted by jon5986 Beautiful shoes! Nice work...... I am meeting with Cleverley in two week in NYC for my next pair of shoes! ummm what to get So, what are you leaning towards; colour; leather, style?
Quote: Originally Posted by Drydis Greis If you are looking for a hard wearing, long lasting combat boot, look at Danner's - You did say combat boot... In all my years of military service, these are the best I've ever owned. I have had them in old black leather and the new style. Here are some more looks at the different Danner...
Duncan has a nice selection but I went bespoke and I'm glad I did. Was measured by Domenic in NYC in April and overall it was a pleasant experience.
I was off Friday and when I walked into the office this morning, I found a package from Cleverley waiting. They are incredibly light as people have mentioned before. Sorry for the crappy BlackBerry photos. Maybe I should spend the money on a camera instead of shoes.
Before buying my wife her Chanel bag I signed up for the Purse Forum. You think SF members can be hardcore. Those Chanelista's are crazy. However, they provided me with guidance so that I wouldn't make a mistake. Unfortunately, I now know far too much about Chanel bags and that information has supplanted more important info in my brain like passwords and when to pay the power bill.
See, you should have just let me keep on spending! It's OK, although it may be heresy to some, I really don't like Oxxford anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by elite123 gsugsu, Great thread gsu and good luck! Hey Elite 123, thanks for the kind words. Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas FWIW: At this stage, I would advocate you don't shop just to fill perceived gaps in your wardrobe. Buy only the things that really move you. Just MHO. Good point Thomas. Sometimes though you need someone else to point things out that you may have missed...
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