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Yes, because most iGents do not favour traditional AH lasts. Vass has found a market niche by focussing on non-traditional lasts such as the F, U, K (funny how that reads) that are more familiar to buyers. High quality, hand lasted MTO shoes that resemble English makers at a better price point are in high demand if this thread is any indication.
I cannot get myself to like that form of Norweger toe and hand sewn apron. To me it looks unbalanced. But I can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into sewing it
Giorgio on Sherbrooke has fully canvassed suits under his own label. Made offshore but he has a deconstructed one on display to show the fabrication details. These are in your price range and he always seems to be having a sale and I've seen them for around $750. Fairly nice fabrics. L'Uomo on Peel has a 50% off sale right now and they carry quality makers. But their retail is way out of your range but maybe on sale who knows. In the past I have found good deals at...
Definitely not a troll.
This. Hoo-man, delivery aside, was trying to clearly make a point that is often ignored here. There is no need for name calling. There are not many members here who are willing to take iconic makers to task. If is refreshing to read posts that are something more than fan-boy ravings. They all have their place but fundamental topics such as gemming help people understand and learn beyond simply looking at a shoe and saying "I like it" for esthetic reasons and justify...
A balmoral or oxford has closed lacing. A derby or blucher -sorry for mistyping servy - has open lacing.
I might also suggest Maftei in Vienna. Bespoke starts around €1000 with a test shoe and refinement then the finished shoe with more adjustments to get the fit bang on. They are also very open to doing whatever toe you might like.
If it was their bespoke and not their MTO, I would not want to order 6 different shoes off measurements with no fittings and then have to deal with adjustments or remakes on all or some of them. We are all aware of some variation in Vass MTO makeups given their hand made operations. You also gave to take into considerarion the difference in fit between a balmoral and a derby. think it more prudent to do a balmoral and if you were feeling lucky a derby and dial in those...
If you are doing true bespoke with one maker you would probably be smart to have one pair done and dial in the fit before ordering another pair. Despite the fact that bespoke is based on your measurements, often adjustments are required to refine the fit.If you are going with several makers then order one from each. It will be a grand experiment and you will have the ability to refine the fit of each prior to ordering more.
Well, Vass is neither far eastern or Czech. If you are going to visit them versus doing it via Internet you have the ability to try various lasts to see which fits you best. I would also say to take a look at the traditional lasts instead of just the F, U and K.
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