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If you like the idea, do it. I can't imagine it would be that showy or off-putting where you are intending it to be. Personally I don't see the real functionality of it even if it serves as an extra level of identification in case of loss or theft. Now if you were going to have it branded on or use a big leather punch like you do at summer camp that would be another matter completely. Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo123 What do you think of putting...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar James Wood? Have you been drinking?
I do like the 801
I usually donate the clothes I no longer want especially if they are of lower quality or threadbare. I'm sure there is a market somewhere for them it all depends on if it is worth your time and effort to sell them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen What is the country of origin. whoops!
44r or 46r depending on measurements
Clearly the stars have aligned and you must buy those shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog I don't have time to get new clothes. And unfortunately some of my seasonal clothes are now at the tailor's (in Italy) for alterations and/or finishing touches. The realistic and superstition-approved options are: - Navy 2B worsted suit, fairly slim cut, Zegna cloth. - Camel-coloured 3B tweed coat (solid-coloured Robert Noble cloth, mid-weight) and mid-grey flannels. - DB 4x2 cachemere blazer with black horn...
I repeat: shitty BlackBerry photos. Flash, no flash, still looks like shit. I guess the only thing to do is imagine the #24 brown buck derbies on the Cleverley site in dark brown calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Hmmm...they're kinda ugly. Was this the first pair from them? If so, what was your inspiration for the details? Actually, from my poor pictures they do look kind of fugly. They are the first pair of bespoke with Cleverley and my insipration was a 1970 Plymouth Superbird +Cleverley Catalogue #24 the brown buck derby with hand sewn wingcap. I liked the way they looked in person so but i wanted them in a dark...
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