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Quote: Originally Posted by Inficius Since there's a lake near by, I assumed that the rain would carry the wood chips into the water. Although, after looking at the tree itself, it does look like it could be a little rotten in some areas. Monsoon maybe but how would rain carry the wood chips into the lake?
Are you attracted to this coat because of the zips, patches and pins or have you looked past these embellishments and found something that resonates with you? There are most certainly numerous other options out there for pea coats from the traditional to more fashion forward. IMHO keep looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay It'll be interesting to see how much money he raises. and from who (or is it whom?)
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Interesting. Russian mobster cum business dean?
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter +1, can I please have my time back? Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo This is retarded. If I've wasted your time I truly apologize. Quote: Originally Posted by scruff What were you wearing? What is a Geox-type shoe? Navy variegated 1 button, peak lapel, white french cuff shirt, vintage silver square links, silver tie bar, burgundy...
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung You're in Canada. What do you expect? I expect better. I was unaware that there was the general perception that the entire country was viewed as shabbily dressed. I am shocked and crushed. While we did give the world "hockey hair" but we cannot take credit for Zubaz pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe Did you actually take down those notes during the meeting? Were you obliged to peek under the table at their shoes mid session? Well, one has to get up for coffee and network breaks so I figured I'd do a little research.
No, I'm not the Dean of Law, but we have had conversations about where he buys his suits.
During a meeting this morning, my mind wandered and I surveyed the conference room to see what people were wearing. No pocket squares, no french cuffs, a smattering of tie clasps and relatively few garments of sartorial merit and or cut. By far the footwear selections were the most disconcerting. Few jackets were correctly sized and fewer yet had put together an ensemble that one could regard as pleasing irrespective of quality. I just don't understand why people think...
I had a Paul Smith suit with a ventless jacket and at the time I purchased it I thought nothing about the vent/ventless debate. It didn't cling or look strange (at least in my estimation). But, that said, I doubt I will buy a suit again that doesn't have vents. Now dinner jackets are a different story.
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