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Quote: Originally Posted by jz687 Hi, I need a pair of rainboots, and I've been looking at either the Hunter Short Originals or the low Tretorn Strala boots... I can't decide and would love to know what you guys think! P.S. I'm a student, who would only be wearing them around school for the 4 hours a day I'm there... in a cold climate city. So the only things Id be tucking into them are jeans. Thanks I would stay away from rubber...
I don't think the Gucci loafer should be your first choice. How much have you budgeted for your first purchase. That will enable others to make more accurate suggestions. Are you wearing them with suits or odd jackets? A bit more information would be nice.
All that matters is if you like it and that the price was right. Not my cup of tea but it ain't my briefcase.
Quote: Originally Posted by drdk Yep, Dugoni School. Years ago I was waiting to cross the street next to this jogger. She had a booty that would bring tears to your eyes. I thought I'd save it for posterity (yuk-yuk) so I pretended to place a phone call while taking pic but the damn phone made a loud 'SAY CHEESE CHAWHIRRCHINK' sound effect. She looked at me like I might look at a dog licking itself and ran off.
Quote: Originally Posted by drdk UoP. By the way your rundown of your university administration attire was hilarious. Pics next time? Pacific? Pictures will be a little bit more difficult to pull off.
Quote: Originally Posted by drdk Haha good guess but dk isn't short for dick but decay (dentist). what school did you graduate from?
Quote: Originally Posted by Felix Leiter Lawyer I thought you were with the CIA
Quote: Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot You are a Urologist? +1 my first thought
Quote: Originally Posted by Inficius Since there's a lake near by, I assumed that the rain would carry the wood chips into the water. Although, after looking at the tree itself, it does look like it could be a little rotten in some areas. Monsoon maybe but how would rain carry the wood chips into the lake?
Are you attracted to this coat because of the zips, patches and pins or have you looked past these embellishments and found something that resonates with you? There are most certainly numerous other options out there for pea coats from the traditional to more fashion forward. IMHO keep looking.
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