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Do it.
Icebreaker for wool & Patagonia for synthetic
go to
1 cat (Himalayan), 3 newfoundlanders, 1 bull mastiff, 1 Saint and 1 Shih Tzu. They co-exist reasonably well
I still want to know where this school is located. Are we talking University, high school, maybe elementary?
Quote: Originally Posted by phillyesq I don't think this issue is exclusive to consignment stores. I've had it happen with retail stores as well. Nothing you can do really, except to take your business elsewhere. +1 It really is an indication of the importance and commitment to customer service. Now we are surprised when someone treats us well or there is not a screwup.
Actually, not too bad.
just sounds strange to me. Either cuff them or don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio How to keep warm but stylish during cold winter days (severe temperatures below 32 F/ 0 C )? Is a winter parka the only solution? How severe is the temperature you will be experiencing? Snow Goose parkas will be too warm for temps above -20 celsius unless there are extreme windchills. They are intended for extended periods in very cold weather with or without extreme windchill. Listen to what the...
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