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go to www.big_jesus_knots.com
1 cat (Himalayan), 3 newfoundlanders, 1 bull mastiff, 1 Saint and 1 Shih Tzu. They co-exist reasonably well
I still want to know where this school is located. Are we talking University, high school, maybe elementary?
Quote: Originally Posted by phillyesq I don't think this issue is exclusive to consignment stores. I've had it happen with retail stores as well. Nothing you can do really, except to take your business elsewhere. +1 It really is an indication of the importance and commitment to customer service. Now we are surprised when someone treats us well or there is not a screwup.
Actually, not too bad.
just sounds strange to me. Either cuff them or don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio How to keep warm but stylish during cold winter days (severe temperatures below 32 F/ 0 C )? Is a winter parka the only solution? How severe is the temperature you will be experiencing? Snow Goose parkas will be too warm for temps above -20 celsius unless there are extreme windchills. They are intended for extended periods in very cold weather with or without extreme windchill. Listen to what the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jz687 Hi, I need a pair of rainboots, and I've been looking at either the Hunter Short Originals or the low Tretorn Strala boots... I can't decide and would love to know what you guys think! P.S. I'm a student, who would only be wearing them around school for the 4 hours a day I'm there... in a cold climate city. So the only things Id be tucking into them are jeans. Thanks I would stay away from rubber...
I don't think the Gucci loafer should be your first choice. How much have you budgeted for your first purchase. That will enable others to make more accurate suggestions. Are you wearing them with suits or odd jackets? A bit more information would be nice.
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