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Why haven't you sought professional help sooner?
Any idea of how it compares to Kent Wang's Grenadine ties?
Nice, this helps me as I'm looking at acquiring some tattersall shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by rox88 I've never bought a suit. How do you do it? Do you find something you like online then go to a local store and try and find something similar? Or do stores/tailors have so many choices you can find one when you get tehre? What are you buying the suit for - is it for rare occasions (weddings or funerals) or will it be worn on a regular basis? Are you starting to build a suit wardrobe or will this be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Risque I wear PS' a day or two a week in an office where suits are the requirement, but the ol' PS doesn't get much of a workout amongst the other males. Going out for a lunch date (well, an undefined lunch) with a female coworker tomorrow, and wanted to hear thoughts on whether going the PS would be a good bet or not. Ta If she is a co-worker, has she seen you in a PS before? Has she remarked on it?
Do it.
Icebreaker for wool & Patagonia for synthetic
go to www.big_jesus_knots.com
1 cat (Himalayan), 3 newfoundlanders, 1 bull mastiff, 1 Saint and 1 Shih Tzu. They co-exist reasonably well
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