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Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Would you please announce that you have decided you will get a dark blue velvet collar and ask the mods to lock this thread? + 1
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoJohn I have one 3-button corduroy blazer that I purchased years ago. I've acquired 7 other various blazers and sport coats over the years but for the life of me, cannot purchase another 3-button. It's 2-button or I don't buy it. Sometimes I find myself relieved that a jacket I like is 3-buttons, it's like an immediate sense of relief that I cannot purchase it. Is this stupid? What prevents you from...
Your shoes always have a wonderful proportion, colour and presence. Nicely done.
I do like the snuff suede.
I think this works fine. Bottom line is if you like the walnut-navy combination then do it. Obviously from the responses it is one of those personal choice issues: people either like it or they don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball My Balmoral boots are coming soon! Congratulations; I do like these and in fact have warmed lately to the esthetic of leather/suede combinations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio Has anyone ordered from this seller? Please comment, thanks! Have ordered from them and can recommend them. For the price, RMW are bulletproof boots. Certainly you can pay more - for instance the GG's are amazing in my opinion - but RMW are solid and will last for years. I have models for dress (Craftsman) as well as work (Yard Boot) and they are very comfortable and...
Quote: Originally Posted by wakeboarder33 heyy, so to answer the original question, zacs pants in the first/second video and picture are diesel thanaz 8DK. i have them, but got them a while ago, unfortunately they are not available anymore to buy... and other black pants in the last pic are nudie jeans - thin finn in dry black coated. you can find that here: Here's another picture of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I pretty much wear the same thing every day, and the same thing throughout the day. I also only have one type of shoe. Sad, really. - B Brilliant sense of style. Why is it always you who comes up with these smashing ideas?!
No, I just won't do it no matter what Esquire says. They add a bit of panache whilst standing in the bread line.
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