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Quote: Originally Posted by why4009 Hey All, So for the moment I have all that I need, a few suits (MTM), shirts (MTM), and a collection of Aldens and AEs. I have decided I will never spend so much to get the truly upper end and I am more of a value buyer (i.e. $80 Nordstrom Rack AE's and Jantzen shirts). But I can't help going through the For Sale section and dreaming about a new suit or running my fingers through a Canali suit at Nordstrom's...
Quote: Originally Posted by NMW1982 I love conservative fashion--Purple Label, Brioni, EG, etc. But it gets a little stale and boring. I like to spice it up a bit sometimes, and I think there is nothing wrong with a little bling. Of course if you are a 50 y/o man, like most members of style forum, it will look silly to wear anything outside of the most traditional. I don't think the age of SF members is influencing the opinions of whether...
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu I thought this looks alright. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/BlackF...&topParent=Men It's pretty much the same thing right? Not liking this at all but I suppose if you like it then do it. It just seems to defeat the whole purpose of wearing a suit. It looks like you misplaced your overcoat and had to grab the most readily available jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR Anything with a snooze alarm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Checkerboard 13 I'm surprised it took this many posts for someone to notice that! 1) Don't wear patent leather shoes to any interview (unless a tux is somehow appropriate for the interview.) 2) A grasp of basic grammar is a fundamental requirement for success in interviews, school, and professional life. If you have not mastered it by now, it would be to your advantage to take a remedial course. Sadly,...
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crazy shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by scohrdarkshadow Sale price of course. I'm just trying to justify to myself a purchase I just made Well, did the sale price fit in with the SF approved % off policy?
Way too much. Are these particularly noteworthy or historic or just old boots in reasonable shape? Unless you have been searching for these for years as a crowning glory for your shoe museum I would give them a pass. Were you planning on buying them to wear? No, let them go.
Get on the phone and get them shoes!
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