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Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu I thought this looks alright. It's pretty much the same thing right? Not liking this at all but I suppose if you like it then do it. It just seems to defeat the whole purpose of wearing a suit. It looks like you misplaced your overcoat and had to grab the most readily available jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR Anything with a snooze alarm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Checkerboard 13 I'm surprised it took this many posts for someone to notice that! 1) Don't wear patent leather shoes to any interview (unless a tux is somehow appropriate for the interview.) 2) A grasp of basic grammar is a fundamental requirement for success in interviews, school, and professional life. If you have not mastered it by now, it would be to your advantage to take a remedial course. Sadly,...
The OP hasn't posted or responded to anything since 2008.
crazy shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by scohrdarkshadow Sale price of course. I'm just trying to justify to myself a purchase I just made Well, did the sale price fit in with the SF approved % off policy?
Way too much. Are these particularly noteworthy or historic or just old boots in reasonable shape? Unless you have been searching for these for years as a crowning glory for your shoe museum I would give them a pass. Were you planning on buying them to wear? No, let them go.
Get on the phone and get them shoes!
Does this reflect paying retail prices or sale prices?
Ibex has merino wool watch caps. New Zealand wool and made in the USA.
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