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I had a Paul Smith suit with a ventless jacket and at the time I purchased it I thought nothing about the vent/ventless debate. It didn't cling or look strange (at least in my estimation). But, that said, I doubt I will buy a suit again that doesn't have vents. Now dinner jackets are a different story.
peak lapel one button. Quite English, lots of history but not seen that often.
This is just high quality entertainment. Cheers to you
Quote: Originally Posted by HanSoo417 Just looking for a nice pair of sunday dress shoes. http://www.onlineshoes.com/mens-bost...4&ci_sku=11822 what do ya guys think? It's on ebay for $50 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tab%3DWatching Are you looking at these based on appearance, price or both?
If you like the idea, do it. I can't imagine it would be that showy or off-putting where you are intending it to be. Personally I don't see the real functionality of it even if it serves as an extra level of identification in case of loss or theft. Now if you were going to have it branded on or use a big leather punch like you do at summer camp that would be another matter completely. Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo123 What do you think of putting...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar James Wood? Have you been drinking?
I do like the 801
I usually donate the clothes I no longer want especially if they are of lower quality or threadbare. I'm sure there is a market somewhere for them it all depends on if it is worth your time and effort to sell them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen What is the country of origin. whoops!
44r or 46r depending on measurements
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