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move to Saskatchewan where it is standard time all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff This can happen if the tie sits too low on the neckband. I often make sure my tie is as high up on the neckband as possible before it interferes with turning the outer part of the collar down over the tie. +1 take the time to ensure this occurs and it will eliminate much of what you are experiencing.
Of all things, the two most recent comments have been regarding my "brown is for farmers" Isaia nailhead suit. go figure.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock 1.5" might be a bit too much imo. Next time go with short if what you have is a regular and length should be close to spot on. +1 Methinks this is too much of a reduction for it to successfully work.
Quote: Originally Posted by withstyle Phat Guido, it's silly, frankly laughable, to make a blanket statement that Moncler is form over function. there are many different lines and some of their coats constitute seriously functional cold weather gear. as far as I can tell, the sole purpose of my model, for example, is "inpenetrable" warmth. For such a "functional" coat, it doesn't look bad either, which was a key reason I bought it. If I had to...
I wanted to thank Rebel222 for an easy and pleasant transaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by armorarmylt Like who?? im looking to buy a good winter jacket..... style and functionality..... Well, do you want style first and then function second? In terms of a down filled jacket, what are you looking for?
If you like eastern european dining there is Amber Garden on Carling as I recall. A bit out of the way but great food and service. Plus they have more types of vodka than you can imagine. If you like Lebanese food with a great atmosphere then there is Fairouz. Located in an fine old house the great food with warm hospitality in an elegant environment.
+1 there are many other makers with far superior products in terms of function and durability with a lower price point. However, I do kind of like their idea of combining a wool outer with down. that said, their pricing is ridiculous and it is marketing: produce something that the beautiful people will wear and they will pay whatever price you want them to.
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