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My guess is that someone is working on it
Hey Fok, criminal allegations aside, is the seemingly rolling target of what is vintage or not fair game? How about discussing customer service & quality of fabrication in the context of the interwebz proclamations of PC being the new world standard in bespoke neckwear? Thanks, G
Phew, for a second there I thought you were suggesting that tag should be permanently removed!
Nice. A nice testament to your knife and your whittlin' skills
This has the making of a great thread. Here are my EDC's. The Hawksbill is what is on my belt when I am not in the office. The other is my "suit knife"
Allen Smithee seemed sock-like and seemed to have an agenda. But C&A's long argument of alleged facts was interesting and included conversations with Cappelli and others in the know that at least causes one to pause and say "hmm, maybe there is something to this story after all". Not sure what transpired after that to pull the thread and ban Smithee but not C&A.
any insight as to what caused the Fascinating World of Inkjet Printing thread to be removed?
^ this
82 is related to the 888 which some people find "tighter". As a comparison, the 82 for me in E works but I could go down a width in the 606 in the same size. That is just me mind.
Now there is a boot I could definitely go for. Doesn't Bengal Stripe have this boot but in a different colour? [[SPOILER]]
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